Chad Burton


About ME

The man behind the Glass

I'm a tech guru living on the bleeding edge of technology.
I pride myself on staying ahead of the curve.

Google Glass

I do everything! Networking multi-million dollar companies is just another day at the office. I'm constantly writing applications that help automate tasks and create more efficient environments all while manning the help desk. I've even developed my own SEO techniques to quickly rank smaller companies on Google. I also do everything in between. I do my own cabling, purchasing, servers, anything you can think of.


Mostly self taught

In the IT field my philosophy is this: if it's in a book, it's likely outdated. Certifications are great, but rarely mean anything.
Trust me, I've also had to hire people like myself.

2012- Present


Every year since 2012 I've attended what is known as the largest "hacker" conference in the world. This conference helps me keep up with the latest trends in the hacker world so that I can keep all systems up to date. If you can't think like a hacker, you can't protect yourself from them.

2014- Present

Black Hat USA

Security is often the most overlooked aspect in projects. I've attended Black Hat USA to hear the best security researchers in the industry share their real world experiences and how to mitigate vulnerabilities before they happen.

2006 2008

Manatee Community College

During my years at MCC I was able to pick up some much needed skills. Namely, Visual Basic. This was the turning point for me. I'd never developed full scale applications until this point. Two weeks into the class I was teaching the professor new tricks. I also took some web design classes but tested out of them the first week.



I attend Black Hat and DefCon annually. These security conferences help me build better apps and keep up with the techniques attackers may use to compromise my apps and systems

Web Design

I do them all, WordPress, IPB, static, PHP, etc. and I'm able to provide my clients with a timeline that works for both of us all while still remaining profitable.


Did I mention I love programming? I do web development, desktop apps, macros, Google Glass apps and recently I've been doing Android apps via Apache Cordova

Latest Technology

I've been beta testing Google Glass since October 2013 and more recently Google's latest foray into the 10 foot experience, Android TV.


Pigeon, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, PageSpeed, etc are all normal terms to me. Lets face it, if you aren't on Google then it doesn't matter. I recently placed in the top 50 for SMX's Biggest Social Geek contest.

Vulnerability Scanning

I like to look at applications differently. Take Gogo Inflight Wifi. Within a single flight, I had figured out not only how to get free internet, but also see what everyone else on the plane was looking at online. When I landed I alerted their team and then was able to publicly disclose the bug


Constantly growing skill collection

To be fair, I'm grading my skills on a current knowledge level (without Google searching) because if I allow myself to Google, I'd get 100% in all categories.

Web Sites

I've been doing websites since I was in the 6th grade.

VoIP Phones

I currently maintain more than 90 phones.

Windows Servers

I set them up bare-metal and in VM environments.


Need that back end! Your wish is my command


I can rank organically


I've setup fully meshed networks across the world.

Mobile Apps

This really depends on the type of app required.

Vulnerability Scanning

Network Ninja. SQLi Master. Welcome to the danger zone


Feast your eyes on some of the projects I've completed

I wanted to keep this section short so I chose 9 projects that I feel represent my work.

Web Design/Media Coverage

Branding/Web/Live Streaming

Google Glass Apps (without api)

Personal use wait times application

Command Central

9 tvs, one computer, lots of wire. Featured on

Texting Tax Collector

Text based wait times solution

Home Automation

Custom Android app to control my house

Hardware Tinkering

Made a screensaver for a signature pad

Gogo Inflight Wireless Disclosure

Public Vulnerability. #2 Story on HackerNews

Site Build and Organic SEO Ranking for their provided terms

My name is Chad Burton and I'd love to join your team or be a part of your next project


I stick around for the long haul

I've only worked in the IT industry for 9 years. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I've networked with the best.

Chief Information Officer - Private held company

As the CIO I am responsible for the bigger picture tasks. I'm often tasked with future-proofing and planning for new locations, even without a building plan. Recently, we cost-effectively opened a location in Brazil, and had all 20 computers, and multiple servers, networked remotely without a single IT employee having to make the trip. I currently oversee the IT department and assist the marketing department, while managing, budgeting, and supporting 5 remote locations with nearly 200 users around the world.

From Sept 2013 to Present

IT Director - Privately held company

What's in a title? I work as IT director for a multi-location multi-million dollar privately held company. IT director was the title given to me but it does not represent the job. When I started, I was the one man show. As the company grew I was given the opportunity to hire and manage a help desk staff. Before this, I had to run and set up the servers, manage the help desk, create websites, install camera systems, door lock systems, hang televisions, handle purchasing, budgets, maintenance, wiring, file shares, email, time clocks, moving, all on my own. In addition to being the IT director I also oversee the graphics department and assist with marketing related tasks.

From Sept 2011 to Sept 2013

Manatee County Property Appraiser

I was employed as a Computer Programmer/Web Developer. I completely revamped their intranet with a web 2.0 interface, fixed their lingering email issues by migrating from exchange to Google Mail. I wrote in-house software for various reports which increased productivity as well as automated the work environment. I also centralized their print servers and set up help desk software to help log issues. I used my previously established connections to obtain 13 free servers for them.

From Jan 2011 to Sept 2011

Computer/Networking Consultant

While self-employed I maintained Windows servers for several small companies. I set up Exchange email environments, deployed Google Apps For Your Domain. I set up a VPS hosting environment running Arch Linux with LAMP. Created in-house software for smaller companies which increased productivity and profitability. I created websites for high-profile clients, such as MLB.

From Jan 2009 to Jan 2011

Service Desk Technician

I enjoyed my time at the Clerk of Courts office. During my first week I found a way to save them over $50,000 annually on help desk software. My day-to-day consisted of remote support and automating reports using Visual Basic. I was also responsible for their pilot-program's database of users.

From Jun 2007 to Jan 2009


Contact ME

Feel free to ask me anything! Code samples available.

I'm based out of Florida but have done projects in North Carolina, New York, California, Brazil, and the Netherlands.